Mar 192014

Barnacle - Sea Of SorrowBarnacle is not only an important RSC artist, he’s one of my best pals. We still work together today as part of Make Mistakes. What I had to say: The newest release on Rope Swing Cities, by Dope Recordings artist Barnacle, if you couldn’t tell by the title, is kind of dark. Barnacle is Tom Kamholz, who under the name Attentat, has many releases on the Dope Recordings Beatport site, comes to RSC with something wholly different from his signature deep, minimal techno sound.

The four tracks that comprise this thirty-five minute EP of minimal soundscapes sound rich and full, despite the stark feelings of disorientation that occasionally swell up and cover the listener. The feeling of floating beneath the surface of the ocean, not interacting, but simply accepting the ebb and flow of the water is very strong in the compositions presented here. Alternating between a placid calm, feelings of despondency and at some points, discomfort, each of the pieces contained in this release would make perfect backing music to any David Lynch film festival.Banacle - Sea Of Sorrow

Though seemingly meandering, the sounds on each of the four tracks on the EP feel very deliberate and well placed, giving the entire release a focused guide for your mental wanderings. Sea Of Sorrow Is a wonderful and chilling soundtrack to a relaxing evening at home, sipping on a glass of wine and wondering why no one loves you, and accepting that, even though that’s the case, it’s probably ok, because who needs them anyway, right? Enjoy!

Download the entire release as a .zip file

1 | Nothing Left To Say
2| Sea Of Sorrow
3| On The Anticipation Of Death
4| Sunlight From The Sea Floor

Mar 152014

Sandusky Blankets On The Green, Green LawnWhat I had to say:

Sandusky’s Blankets On The Green, Green Lawn, allows us to show a new side of the sounds of RSC. Comprised of Joseph Raymond Hansen II and Corey Ryan, the duo offer touching music, that is very reminiscent of the state of Colorado, where they reside.

I first saw this album at the Breakdown Book Collective, while waiting to hear another great Colorado band, Pee Pee. What drew me to the disc was the generic, paper sleeve, store bought cd-r, and particularly the name of the album. In listening to it, I realized how appropriate the title was for the music contained on the disc.

In all of the songs that make up this album, you can feel the soft, languid summers, that make up life in Colorado. Floating between a meditative calm and a sweet sadness, Blankets On The Green, Green Lawn is a wonderful album for quiet days spent lounging on your lawn, or in a park.Sandusky Blankets On The Green, Green Lawn

Sparse insturmentation, consisting mostly of guitars and vocals, with the occasional keyboard or drum added in to round out the sound, the music still manages to be full and expressive, without going overboard. Sandusky seamlessly bring together many different sounds, without falling into any true categorization, and merely present their songs and thoughts without any hint of pretension involved.

It’s these things: the minimalist instrumentation that fills so much space, the sincerity of the lyrics and songs and the state of contemplation that they bring with them, that brought me to contact the band and see if they would be interested in releasing the album with RSC. I hope that you enjoy Blankets On The Green, Green Lawn as much as I have, as Sandusky is definitely one of the undiscovered gems of the Colorado music scene.

Download the entire release as a .zip file.

1 | February 13, 2005
2 | Far Away From Maubeuge
3 | Paris a Antarctica
4 | February 13, 2005 pt.2
5 | Why Keep What Little Is Left?
6 | Consuelo
7 | Magpie
8 | The Journey Of A Snail
9 | Mr. Bandit
10 | March 5, 2005 (Morning)

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Jan 162014
Loafeye - Everything That I Learned {RSC004}

Loafeye – Everything That I Learned {RSC004}

Originally released January 5th, 2006. Loafeye’s first album for Rope Swing Cities, Everything That I Learned , is, I think, one of the defining albums of Rope Swing Cities, by one of the defining artists of Rope Swing Cities. To this day, I know very little about Loafeye, he was a very secretive guy, I at most got his first name, once upon a time, unfortunately, I no longer remember it. He was a prolific producer, sending in dozens of tracks at a time for consideration… he just kind of disappeared. I hope you enjoy this album, I still do, here is what I said then:

The music contained on Everything That I Learned can most easily be summed up as dark, dissonant and haunting. The fifteen tracks that comprise this release lead the listener on a disorienting journey through a mental space that is not necessarily comfortable to inhabit.

The underlying rhythms of the songs are almost dirge-like; trance enducing in their simplicity and and directness. The hip-hop reminiscent beats on most of the tracks enhance, not inhibit, what is the focusing point for these songs: the moaning synths and basslines.

That’s not to say that all of the sounds are dark and brooding, but even in its bright moments, everything is

Loafeye - Everything That I Learned {RSC004}

Loafeye – Everything That I Learned {RSC004}

distorted, as if you’re watching the sun through water… or you have cellophane wrapped around your head and are being led through the park in the summer: it’s warm and wonderful out, the sky is bright, birds are singing, bees are buzzing, but something is just not right.

Recently, over too many glasses of wine with a friend, we were listening to this release and talking about Loafeye’s music. We managed to suss out this: what makes Loafeye stand out from other artists in this genre, is the utter cleanliness of his production. Every sound is crisp and clear.

Everything That I Learned is a wonderful and touching-in-a-strange-way album that fits perfectly on lonely walks in the snow, or soothing naps in the grass, but especially on disorienting trips through the strange places in your mind.

Download the entire release as a .zip file.

1| Furrow
2| Full On Broken Down
3| Gone For Good
4| Sweet Sunshine Flowing Down
5| Oleight
6| Everything That I Learned
7| Feeling The Way
8| Heavy Mind Loss
9| Say No More
10| In The Rusty Grass
11| Cold Water Frequency
12| My Slowly Dying Heart
13| Mourning Flames Burn Bright
14| one20plus39
15| Mild Days

Jan 122014
Alert - Life In The Hive {RSC003}

Alert – Life In The Hive {RSC003}

The third release on RSC came via Alert, a long time Colorado underground music fixture. A prolific and wide ranging producer still makin’ it happen every day. Dude’s a machine. Also a very interesting character. He’s a complex guy. Here’s what I had to say at the time:

Alert comes to RSC after beginning to make his mark by releasing music on Beatport through Colorado underground label Dope Recordings. With this release we see Rope Swing Cities not heading in a new direction, but simply broadening the sounds we represent.

The tracks on this E.P. are most suited for peak hour on the dance floor when you’re ready to lock the crowd into a groove. The title Life In The Hive is very accurate in that sense, as the minimal rhythms and sound structures that make up each of the tracks will help to bring all listeners to a similar meditative state, where most conscious thought slips away and they find themselves only able to move in ways that the music orders them to.

The seemingly stark landscape that these tracks provide belie a subtle depth once you work your way beneath the surface. The aggressive rhythm structure and pulsing bass tones fill in the space left by the sparse synth lines and soundscapes.

As a whole, the Life In The Hive EP offers two levels of listening. On one hand a contemplative

Alert - Life In The Hive {RSC003}

Alert – Life In The Hive {RSC003}

journey through the powerless existence of yet another drone, and in complete contrast, four powerful driving songs to keep things hopping during intense dj sets when you’ve got the crowd jackin’ late into the night. This is minimal techno in the purest sense of the term.

Download the entire release as a .zip file.

01 | Life In The Hive
02| Darkwish
03| Back To The World
04| Remain Calm

Sep 032012

The second release from Rope Swing Cities comes from long time friend Brian Grainger, Milieu. I still really enjoy this album today. Reading these old release notes makes me laugh, I love how I referred to Rope Swing Cities as a “we,” like it was more than me in my apartment getting excited about music.

Here’s what I said:

“Songs We Found In The Sand was the second full album produced by Milieu. After meeting through a chance encounter in the magical land of the internet, he offered the release to us with the warning, “i know it sounds a little dated, i’ll understand if you don’t want it, seriously.”

Luckily, here at Rope Swing Cities we’re more concerned with the quality of music then worrying if our artists are cutting themselves on the bleeding edge electronic music. What we discovered upon listening, is a wonderfully moving, emotional album, filled with simple, enchanting drum patterns and haunting synth lines. Needless to say, we enthusiastically told him that we’d love to release it.

As we spoke further with Milieu regarding the music on this release, an interesting fact about his production work came out that answered some questions we had about the sound of his music: initially all of his samples, keyboards, guitar and drums are recorded to tape and then transferred to the computer for arranging and looping. After the track is built it’s sent back to tape, then to the computer again for final mastering. This incorporation of such a loved analog medium helped explain to us the warmth and depth of sound found in this release. In his own words, “I still think it sounds better on cassette though.”

On this album, Milieu’s music brings up intense feelings of nostalgia. The beauty of it, is that it doesn’t attempt
to guide your inner exploration. Whether you’re reminded of fond memories from childhood; running through sprinklers, basking in the warmth of the sun. Or if you’re looking at your past for closure on the darker moments that have plagued you for some time, Songs We Found In The Sand is the perfect accompaniment on your journeys.

More information about Milieu can be found here.”

(Right-Click “Save As…” To Save.)
Download the entire release.

Track List:
01. birthday party
02. elep
03. ktx-1
04. alison transmission
05. as summer blooms
06. rolerskates
07. eyelid raft
08. rooms within rooms
09. ghosts in the trees, songs in the breeze
10. poplar drive 1967
11. anedt
12. circles in the spacebook
13. inpond
14. universes inside you
15. hidden paths

Jun 082012

Ten and Tracer - In Such A Fix To Be So Fertile [RSC001}Ten and Tracer – In Such A Fix To Be So Fertile

The return of the first release ever on RSC. Enjoy!

On this EP, the first on Rope Swing Cities, we see Colorado’s Ten and Tracer turning in a new direction, taking a step away from the sort of hopeful melancholy of his previous releases on labels such as u-cover and 8bitpeoples. In the past Ten and Tracer’s sounds have held the feeling that in the end everything will be ok; the morning always comes after a long night. For In Such A Fix To Be So Fertile, we are kept from feeling that daylight will ever come.

Fortunately for us, this doesn’t mean that this release is fraught with the angst and depression of a tortured soul. What we have here is a contemplative walk through the city streets of your home town after dark. Grey skies and concrete, hands stuffed deep into your pockets against the cold, attempting to find a clarity of mind that will give you answers to questions you have about who you are and what you’re doing with your life. Instead of wallowing in emotion, we find analyzation and exploration, looking to discover things about yourself. In the 26 minutes that comprise this release, Ten and Tracer offers you a moment to stop and reflect on what has come before.

Ten and Tracer - In Such A Fix To Be So Fertile(right-click “save as” to save”)
Download the entire release.

01. Chanting the Secant Deific
02. Having Once Turned Around – Walk On
03. Split the Finch
04. Karl Marx
05. Snees and Snubs
06. Indian Pail

Apr 082012

Rope Swing Cities is returning.

For the first few months, we will be uploading our gigantic back catalog to its formerly available glory.

While that’s happening, we’re on the hunt for IDM. You see, we love IDM music despite its name, and often wonder… where has it gone? Do you feel the same way, and are makin’ said music? Well, send an email to and let’s talk. RSC spent several years as an important outlet for experimental artists in America and around the world, and will continue to do so in the future. Many of the artists that released with us in the past have gone on to be pretty cool; would you like to join the ranks of the pretty cool?

Send us your music.


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